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Welcome to the Geraldton Camera Club Website.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay, we are updating the website at the moment, so things may move or change slightly.
All guests are welcome.

Meeting Information

Monthly Meeting

When: First Monday of the Month (excluding January)
Where: 321 Marine Terrace, Geraldton
What to bring:
    $5 prize for the raffle and if you wish some money for tickets
    Print of your choice - See Below for more Details

Print of your Choice

We are moving away from printing of the Open Section entry and instead printing out an image of your choice, preferrably not entered in the competitions.
Print Size - 29.7cm (12") on the longest edge
3x2/6x4 (most cameras native resolution): 8x12" (A4)
Square: 12x12"
Pano: 12" longest edge, depends on your ratio

Meeting Agenda

Arrive before 7PM
Display Printed Images
Meeting Business
Monthly Event Announcement
Judges Comments
Members Rate Prints (bronze, silver, gold)
Break - Scores recorded for prints
Look at Entries for current month
Workshop/Example/Show & Tell

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